Beauty is more than just visual aesthetics! There can also be beautiful words, sounds and feelings but today I am here to talk to you about beautiful actions.

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Passion is Not Enough

I challenge you to question the value of your life and your definition of success. I dare you to become the person you were meant to be by finding your passion and defining your dreams. Take the courage to decide what your life is about and not just what you will do any given day. Live intentionally and aim to not waste any of the moments you have been blessed with. 

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I am & I am not

I am not ambitious 

I am not concerned with financial gain

I am focused

I am a person who knows what kind of life they want to live


I am not a prize to be won

I am not an achievement be sought after 

I am an experience 

I am an opportunity to grow in patience and in character 


I am not done learning 

I am not going to be the same person in 5 years

I am tender hearted 

I am too hard on myself 


I am not a fan of crowds 

I am not afraid of failing 

I am good at public speaking 

I am an introvert 


I am not perfect 

I am not always the best version of myself 

I am a Christian 

I am trying to be better