Beauty is more than just visual aesthetics! There can also be beautiful words, sounds and feelings but today I am here to talk to you about beautiful actions.

Today I woke up, rummaged through my clothes, and jumped in the shower. In there I was surrounded by warmth, fresh scents and the idea that I was completely alone. It was just me, every inch, every pound, and every imperfection. When I hopped out I cleared my foggy mirror, looked at my flushed face and started thinking about the day ahead.

I thought about the people I would encounter, the food I would get to eat, and the changes I would get to live out and advocate for. When I looked into my eyes I saw beauty beyond the physical bounds of my being. I felt beautiful because I get to do beautiful things.

I get to impact millions of lives with the choices I make and not just because I work at Microsoft. It's because I am passionate about participating in other people lives and making my voice (and the voices of others) heard.

The world is not going to change itself. Go out there, in your everyday life, and say something, make something, do something beautiful.