Origin story

This story starts when I was 8

I saw a movie, it was great

A robot searching for humanity

A lonely robot, that was me

A short life seeking near perfection

Thrown by this little interjection

Determined to determine my own fate

I decided for the first time when I was 8

No one will tell me what I will be 

Discover my humanity through technology 

200 years, whatever it takes

Humanoid robots I will make

I came across a small distractions 

I’m bald at 11 from a chemical reaction 

A scientist in deed and in heart

I took my science, I made my art

In time I later Discovered Eden 

I kept it up for practical reasons

A small distraction to a new career

But there are no robots here

20 years later with mom’s death in sight

I summoned my courage and all my might

To do what I did as a child

Quit my rules of perfection, into the wild

I decided for the first time when I was 8 

I saw a movie, it was great 

Discover humanity through technology

I decide everyday who I will be