My Life is Not My Own

My life is in my hands.


Sometimes I hold it too tightly. Sometimes I take myself too seriously.


I know it's weird but I see value in me. I want to be prepared to live a life that is honorable and useful to others. I have this entirely selfish desire to be selfless which is why I can't allow myself to over indulge in earthly pleasures.

They are good, they are real but they are temporary. The eternal joy found when you change a life echoes through time forever. I want to be the catalyst for generations of change, love, and progress.

So for me it is worth boundaries, patience and a guarded heart until the right person comes along to help lead me and soften my heart to myself. And if they don't I'll be okay because I understand the greater purpose of my life. 

I am honored to have the responsibility of being who I am. It's not always fun, I don't always want it but ultimately it's who I am and I've embraced that. I have been blessed beyond measure and I strive only to reflect and reciprocate the love I've received through a curated life of service.


My life is not my own.