My Friends

Most of my friends are my friends because of the life that we’ve experienced together. These random moments where life brought us together bonded us. From choir practice in elementary school to group projects in CS classes, these opportunities to do life together have drawn us close and opened the door to a lifetime of relationship. The depth and the longevity may vary but the connectedness remains. Even when I forget a name in my heart there are memories of the moment we first knew each other. There seems to always have been a part of me that yearned to be a part of someone else’s story and to open a chapter in mine for them. 

As I scroll through my phone contacts and Facebook friends I reimagine our moments or the ones that followed. The themes are laughter, curiosity, ambition, teamwork, food and rest. There are those in whom I instantly recognized a spark that ignited fire in my own personality and others whose quiet composure drew me in to explore the contrast of such a complimentary presence. 

I see myself as light and dark. As R&B and punk rock. As an introverted extrovert who loves the science of art and the art of science. I am as multifaceted as the people who have poured into me, came along side me and even walked away. I’m grateful for the eternal chaos of the universe that saw fit to move our atoms near enough that we could communicate and co-exist in this time to create love, tension and progress.

And that’s what I think of my friends. 

Passion is Not Enough

I challenge you to question the value of your life and your definition of success. I dare you to become the person you were meant to be by finding your passion and defining your dreams. Take the courage to decide what your life is about and not just what you will do any given day. Live intentionally and aim to not waste any of the moments you have been blessed with. 

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