What a Weekend

This weekend I:

Got a massage

Painted a picture

Recorded a cover song

Took a 13 mile bike ride

Hung out with 3 groups of friends

Watched hours of comedy

Played my harmonica

Went to church 

Watched most of the the SuperBowl with friends

Did some math

Practice coding in Ruby

Read all my emails 

and at no time felt stressed!

This weekend I decided to do all the things I needed to do without sacrificing the things I wanted to do. With a happier, more fulfilled me it was easier to get through all the not-so-fun stuff that usually gets put off until the weekend. I asked myself, "What are all the things I've pushed aside as non-essential parts of who I am? " and I put my heart towards doing those things. I felt like I was really living. I wasn't just maintaining relationships. I was investing in them and strengthening them. This weekend reminded me that sometimes I take myself too seriously and that there's no point in working hard for the life you've always wanted if you never take the time to enjoy it.


Source: http://weheartit.com/entry/4693700