Lead by Example

A wise man or women does not just talk the talk. They walk the walk. Their walk is not just down the path to their own success. They reach down and pull others up. A great leader knows about sustainability, tradition and legacy. When you look up and see a great leader they do not just flaunt their power. They spread the belief that others can achieve as well. They strive to leave their mark while gaining a following of others. They mentor those below them. They teach others how to master their strengths and to strengthen their weaknesses. I have had a great many role models and mentors over the past few years. Today I want to highlight Jerica Richardson. A strong women who taught me most about sustainability, tradition and legacy.

Jerica has a passion for helping others(just like me). She has a smile that lights up a room and a warm spirit that you can feel from miles away. When Jerica looked out into the world all she could think was: I want so much more. Jerica wanted more for her family, city, country and the world. She knew that one great leader was not enough. More people must not only be inspired but trained to take their goals, aspirations and plans for humanity and make them happen. She shared with me that we needed to create a system or an organization to create more leaders. Not just leaders who know how to give commands and delegate but leaders who truly care and are driven by an unstoppable passion. We have to be able to sustain this.

How do you make something withstand the test of time? You engrave it on someones heart. You burn it into their mind so that it shines through in their character. There are few things that last forever but something that can is tradition. Traditions are sacred and they are treasured. They make a people unique. They bound them together and set them apart. Most importantly traditions are shared. This keeps them a live and thriving. There is a unique quality about tradition that always amazes me. Traditions can't be forced. There comes a time when a choice must be made. One must think to themselves: "Do I believe in this?". That is so powerful because when the answer is yes there are few things that can change that.

We need to find a way to encourage more people to be leaders and saturate this planet with mentors, role models and heroes. This will be our legacy. Our time has come and they days of old are gone. We have to deal with our current state together. We have to work harder but more importantly, like Jerica, we have to want more. A legacy is strong and can change a life. I am sure you can think of someone and how their accomplishments, lifestyle and deeds have pushed you to ask more of yourself. You can't leave a legacy if you don't do. Serving is what I will do. I will use technology to make the world a better place and I will make a difference in the lives of others. What will you do?

When we have leaders that can be sustained, who believe in a tradition of service and excellence, and they leave legacies to inspire our youth then I think Jerica can rest easy. Then I think the world will truly see change and I would be honored to be a part of it.


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