Why I Like Video Games

Humans love stories. They teleport us to different worlds and show us life from a perspective we may never truly understand. They instill us with wisdom and hope and they teach us lessons about others and ourselves. Some people are readers, some people are movie buffs but me, I'm a gamer.

With a book, I only dreamt and imagined. Turning page after page racing to the end. In movies my hands gripped the theatre armrests while my eyes and ears were flooded with a sensory overload that was tainted by the imagination of another. But with a game, instead of imagining or just seeing Laura Croft tip toe down a hallway shaking with fear or waiting and hearing the shaking of commander Shepard's voice making a difficult decision I got to be them. I got to order their steps, pave their paths and experience their stories first hand. 

In Halo, I got practice not just knowing about and seeing heroes but becoming one by making tough choices, fighting the good fight and helping others along the way.

In Life is Strange, I got to think critically and cry, as I lost someone I'd grown fond of without letting revenge consume me. 

In Beyond Eyes, I got to be young again and immerse myself in the footsteps of a child very different from me while helping her mother grieve. 

In Rayman Legends, I got to push my self farther and faster to the music of teamwork and coordination

In Goat Simulator, I also got to be a crazy goat in the big city.

The potential for games, game developers and gamers themselves to change lives is often underestimated. I'm excited that I get to be a part of changing the face of gaming and to experience it so deeply.

Find me on Xbox Live with gamertag: Iam Full of WIN