Work haikus

Take a deep breath, write a haiku, carry on. These are from a particularly tough week. Why no good day haikus? Because on the good days my energy is poured into the work I do and the people I work with. These haikus were meant to encapsulate a moment, affirm that it existed and as a reminder of how small the moment was in the light of eternity.

Even days when you are following your passion, or living your dream, can be hard. I was taught not to give up when things are hard. I was taught that the way I carried myself through hard times was a truer reflection of my character than many other times. To share joy that cannot be stolen by events of this world I take a moment, release the stress, and recognize the strength that fills me is not my own.


Cool, fresh, morning air

Inbox full of unread mail

Time to get it done


Talk but don't listen

Where are all the markers at?

How not to meeting


What is your status?

What is the priority? 

So this is agile


Coffee, more coffee

I don't need to eat today

I am burning out


Don't build it like that

New designs are due today

Now the feature's cut


It is 5PM

There's too much work to leave now

This has to ship soon


Dinner on the go

Red bang mails are coming in

On my way in now


Work in industry 

Get all the monies and perks

Can you tough it out?