My Life is Not My Own

My life is in my hands.


Sometimes I hold it too tightly. Sometimes I take myself too seriously.


I know it's weird but I see value in me. I want to be prepared to live a life that is honorable and useful to others. I have this entirely selfish desire to be selfless which is why I can't allow myself to over indulge in earthly pleasures.

They are good, they are real but they are temporary. The eternal joy found when you change a life echoes through time forever. I want to be the catalyst for generations of change, love, and progress.

So for me it is worth boundaries, patience and a guarded heart until the right person comes along to help lead me and soften my heart to myself. And if they don't I'll be okay because I understand the greater purpose of my life. 

I am honored to have the responsibility of being who I am. It's not always fun, I don't always want it but ultimately it's who I am and I've embraced that. I have been blessed beyond measure and I strive only to reflect and reciprocate the love I've received through a curated life of service.


My life is not my own.

Here and Gone

I washed my face.

I brushed my teeth.

I’m tired and I need some sleep.

But in my mind

And soon my dreams

Are visions of what could have been.

I play it back,

The moment when

I should’ve said, “Let’s meet, again.”

But in its stead

The silence grew

No chance for “us”.

Just me. And you.

You’ve excited me and inspired me to poetry.

Could be meant to be, just call it destiny or wait and see.

I’m tired of complacency; I yearning for what waits for me.

I’ve looked inside the book and said the words now it’s finally.


And gone.

6 days, 7 nights

  1. Doing nothing is an acceptable answer. 
  2. I can be a source of my own happiness.
  3. I get to decide when I accept the limitations of who I think I am and when I'm ready to push myself to do or be more than I know I am. 
  4. Maybe I'm emitting some positive vibe that makes people willing to engage and welcome me to be apart of their existence.
  5. Everyday is an opportunity to be an example and encourage. Everyday is an opportunity to be encouraged and to seek an example.
  6. Contentment follows gratefulness.
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