Overjoyed and Under30

Last week I spent 4 days in Boston at the Forbes Under30 Summit. I was honored as a 30 under 30 List Maker this year in the games category.

As soon as I arrived I was immersed in an environment that was primed for networking, inspiration, and conversation. While some sessions were riddled with buzz words, others broke beyond that and shared messages aimed to challenge you to re-think your place in and picture of our world.

To be honest the energy from some of the speakers and attendees made me want to start another business. This is something I haven't considered in over a decade. What planted this seed was the conversations about major issues affecting our world and the strategies people proposed for tackling them. These weren't casual suggestions about what could change, these were well researched, user centered solutions. I felt capable of tackling some of them with the right people, and funding and the conference itself was ripe with those two ingredients.

Amidst the sights and smells of the Macallan Whiskey scented VIP lounge I had the opportunity to meet with entrepreneurs from around the world. It was a much needed reminder of how incredible it feels to be around like minded people. We traded stories about our organization developments and our current corporate struggles. We traded wisdom, business hacks and even recipes! There was a "Yes and" attitude among most who challenged and built on the ideas of others. Each person was open to critiques and questions that would strengthen their enterprises.

The most stirring theme I noticed throughout the conference was how to make impact and how to create a legacy. In every session there seemed to be a constant reaffirmation to live your dream, act, do, learn, try. To take a stand, help others,  believe in something and question why the world is the way it is. With these responsibilities hoisted on to the shoulders of motivated people under 30 something incredible is bound to happen.

I was honored and inspired to have been among this group. I'm more hopeful than ever in the future we'll create and the ways we will change the world together.

And yes I am already registered for the 2018 conference!