3.14159 Types of Mail I Get

This pi related post is about a week late but who cares! Enjoy this pie chart. Message below.


It's always a waste of my time and I wish I could just unsubscribe like to do with spam e-mails. It's also one of the only reasons the United States Postal service is even around. 

*Update* I found this 


I've accidentally thrown out bills before. The bills seem to camouflage themselves in the grocery store newsletters that I immediately  throw into the recycling bin.  Why do I get paper bills in the first place? There are some companies (like Comcast) that I just don't feel comfortable allowing take my money automatically. So, I've demanded they send me a formal written request that I'll usually ignore and pay online as soon as I get the  "your bill is almost due" email.


 This is almost my favorite kind of mail.  It's usually something I totally forgot I ordered weeks ago. I always ask myself, "What is this? It's not my birthday or Christmas. Who would send me a gift?" Then when I open it I'm like "Ooh, it's that thing I wanted. #treatyoself" Yes, I say hashtag out loud. 


These are actually the best. I have two books of forever stamps and a bunch of stationary just waiting for messages from other people who also have stamps and stationary. It's personal, intimate, and always makes me smile.  I'm not sure how to make this cool again. Maybe I'll start an exclusive club of pen pals or create country wide scavenger hunt where I  mail handwritten clues to the next destination. 

What do you get in the mail?