You are not a beautiful flower

Dear flower,

You are so beautiful and for that I will pluck you from your brethren and expedite your death. For days I will watch as your beauty fades. Your fragrance will dissipate and so will my attention. I will remember and long for you as the flower you were and never be satisfied by the flower you are becoming. I will plead ignorance to any impact I may have had on your demise and I will not mourn your passing. 

Because you are just a flower. You were once beautiful. You have served your purpose and I have no more need of you. 

Sincerely, The one who chose you

Dear Reader,

You are not a beautiful flower, picked at it's prime. You are a person. You were meant for more than just to be beautiful for someone else's pleasure. You can have a legacy that is remembered through the ages. Always remember the person you were and use their experience as strength as you run towards and define the person you are becoming. Take responsibility for your life and use it serve others.

Because you are not a flower. You will always be beautiful. You serve a purpose and the world needs you.

Sincerely, Jasmine