You can do anything

You can do anything.*

I'm not just saying that. You really can do anything you want. The
first step is wanting something though. It can be anything really and
the best part is: you can change your mind whenever you want!

You have a powerful and unstoppable drive within you. Don't stay on
cruise control! Set a course to your destination and re-route as
necessary. There will be traffic and someone will probably change the
roads but it's not really about getting somewhere. The joy is in the

You will touch lives. You will make change. You will overcome
obstacles and solve big problems. You will also struggle, freak out,
cry, get stressed, want to quit, feel lost and have doubts.

But you don't have to worry about any of that. You serve a God who is
faithful and who never gives us more than we can bear. Your life is
for his glory. You exalt him in your success and you lean on him in
your time of need.

It's your life. Your choices and your actions matter. If you stand
still the world will keep moving on with out you. So dream, run, jump
and grab onto something you believe in. Look inside yourself and
follow your heart. Live to serve and love unconditionally.

Do anything, because you can.

*Note: These are the things I tell myself