I Believe in Leadership

 We can view the world through two sets of eyes. Our outlook of being in control or being helpless really alters the way that we approach every situation. I see a huge gap between those who are giving orders and those who are tasked to complete them. My desire is to narrow if not eliminate that gap from both perspectives. I am writing this blog for leaders and followers. My goal is to make them one and the same. To succeed in being one you have to understand the other. I consider myself a strong leader with a lot of diverse experiences and a lot of room for growth and improvement. I hope that the information I share will be able to help and inspire others to be better leaders and also reveal some of the misconceptions and common faults in everyday leadership. I also hope that my readers will give me feedback and comment on what they think so that we can all benefit. I'd love to elaborate on special interest topics within leadership or get others advice in the classifications and terms I use to describe leadership traits. I look forward to a lot of interesting discussion!