6 days, 7 nights

  1. Doing nothing is an acceptable answer. 
  2. I can be a source of my own happiness.
  3. I get to decide when I accept the limitations of who I think I am and when I'm ready to push myself to do or be more than I know I am. 
  4. Maybe I'm emitting some positive vibe that makes people willing to engage and welcome me to be apart of their existence.
  5. Everyday is an opportunity to be an example and encourage. Everyday is an opportunity to be encouraged and to seek an example.
  6. Contentment follows gratefulness.
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ABC's of a Growth Mindset


Acknowledge that you have opportunity to grow. No one is perfect. What are opportunities for you to strengthen a weakness?


Believe that the person you are seeking feedback from has your best interest in mind. Don't be defensive. Listen closely and take note of what makes you react.


Consider the feedback. Ask clarifying questions and for recommendations on how to improve. Seek people who have your weakness as a strength.